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2024 Jan Changelog

2024 Jan Changelog

January 2024 marks our first sprint with over 15 features (big and small) shipped.

Here is a list of all the important changes

1. Full revamp of the homepage and dashboard pages 🫡
2. Workspace now fetches the favicon associated with the connected domain

favicon fetched from loops.so
  1. Fixed minor front-end bugs - broken images and nonresponsive buttons.


1- Analytics - Analytics is live, fully functional, and in beta. We are working on making the analytics GDPR-compliant while being as accurate as possible. At the moment, the accuracy of adreport.io's analytics is superior to the competition but is heavily reliant on cookies. We will push more updates in the coming sprints.

2- Shortlinks - Shortlinks are live with historical link data with small analytics (allows users to know the number of clicks during a certain period). Further additions and changes to short links will be assessed based on how folks use the feature.

3- Auto Reporting - Allows users to automate performance reporting via Slack channels and e-mail, currently in beta.

4- UTM Generator - Allows users to generate UTMs and store historic UTM links, currently in beta.